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Hit More Fairways and Support Our Troops…an Honorable Win-Win

FUJ folds of honorGiving to a worthy cause is something we would all like to do.  If you are lucky enough to have something left over at the end of the month there are plenty of charity’s that are willing to help you find something to do with your money.  I have participated in something I don’t consider charity, I consider it my obligation.  It is an organization called Folds of Honor and they help Military families that have lost a loved one or had a member of their family disabled  serving our country.  I am constantly reminded of how important this event is to support. The Folds of Honor Foundation has Patriot Golf day every year since 2007 and currently there are over 5000 courses nationwide participating. All that it takes to participate is paying an extra dollar towards your green fees when you play on Patriot Day Golf  weekend at courses that take part in this great event. If your course doesn’t take part in Patriot Day might I humbly suggest playing somewhere that does and asking your course to get involved next year.

On April 13th 1970 I lost Folds of Honormy uncle in the Vietnam war. He was shot down in Phoung Heip in the Mekong Delta. I was only one at the time but none the less feel cheated he was taken away from me so early in my life. I can’t imagine the loss my Grandparents felt or the loss my father must have felt losing his only brother. What I can tell you is we are very fortunate to now have foundations such as Folds of Honor that help the families and Children of these fallen Hero’s. If my Uncle were still around today I am sure he would have been proud of the work being done by the Folds of Honor Foundation.

To date, Folds of Honor has raised over 17 million dollars in donations, provided over 5000 scholarships and have helped countless families with financial assistance that have lost loved ones who served our country so selflessly. Every day 1 percent of our population defends the other 99 percent. Think about that for a second and tell me you won’t be able to have that extra dollar added to your green fees this weekend. These young men and women put their lives on the line so that we can continue to enjoy our leisure activities on a day to day basis, it is really the least we can do to show our appreciation and support.

Fujikura is honored to team up with Major Dan Rooney, the founder of Folds of Honor,  and offer the new Folds of Honor Foundation Fuel Tour Spec shafts in time for this years Patriot Day.

For every special addition Folds of Honor Tour Spec shaft we sell we will donate 10% of the profit to this worthy cause.  Fujikura not only supports our Military Hero’s we salute you and all you do in service of our great nation. Please inquire about the Folds of Honor Tour Spec shafts at one of our local authorized Fujikura Dealers. Hit more fairways and support our troops, it’s a win win.

Here is the Fujikura and Folds of Honor Limited Edition shaft featured in Golf Digest STIX 9/11/13

Look inside >
Stripes for Stars

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