Fujikura Wins on PGA, Champions and Web.com

Written by Stephanie Hartgraves on April 3, 2014

Fujikura golf shafts have been making quite the splash on the tour scene this year and this past weekend was no different, as Fujikura dominated the winner’s circle at the PGA, Champions and Web.com Tour events.

Masters Champion and winner at The Barclays used a Rombax P95 is his Titleist 910 15 degree 3 wood to claim his victory over the current PGA Tour Win record holder.


On the Champions Tour, Fujikura was the #1 driver and woods shaft brand in play at the Boeing Classic.

The Web.com Tour winner used a Fujikura Motore Speeder 8.2 Tour Spec is his Bridgestone J40 14 degree 3 wood.  2nd place used a Motore Speeder 7.2 Tour Spec in his TaylorMade SLDR driver and a Fujikura Motore Speeder 9.2 Tour Spec in his RBZ stage two 3 and 5 woods.

In yesterday’s golf business news stories, Fujikura Golf confirmed the re-launch of the popular Speeder757, which is considered to be the most iconic and sought after shaft in shaft brand history. Speeder quickly became the #1 shaft brand on the PGA Tour and has never left the tour since it’s debut in 1998, earning the nickname, “the winningest shaft on tour” for well over a decade.

Fujikura marketing manager, Stephanie Hartgraves confirmed that the shaft will be available at Fujikura Charter Dealers in October and that the MSRP will be $400. She also gave a statement regarding what players can expect from the new Speeder’s performance. “The new Motore Speeder757 (and other 3 profiles available) makes more use of our proprietary Triax Core technology.  Essentially, we have been able to re-engineer the structure to use stronger materials, which allows for less resin, which has allowed us to incorporate the TCT technology into the inside layer of the shaft, enhancing the effects. How does this translate into real benefits for the golfer you ask? Unparalleled SPEED, DISTANCE and STABILITY.” Hartgraves confirmed that the use of the term ‘Unparalleled’ is of significance because the new Motore Speeder757 consumer (player) testing results showed greater distances than leading competitor shafts in 100% of the participants.

Fujikura will be opening up pre-orders to their network of authorized dealers (Fujikura Charter Dealers) on September 1st and the new shafts are expected to be available for sale October 1st. MSRP is $400.

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“The Fujikura Speeder Evolution 757 and 757 Tour Spec will be among the most sought-after shafts for stronger players in 2015. Consistent feel and higher ball speeds make this a solid upgrade from last year’s Speeder 757.”


“If the average golfer doesn’t take advantage of this, they are nuts!”

John and Dave Sanders - Father/Son Driver Fitting at Fujikura Fit-On Studio

"I have the most confidence I’ve ever had stepping up to the tee with a driver"

Steve Vermillion, fitted at Golf Etc.