Motore Speeder Shaft Review

Written on April 2, 2014

Fujikura Golf is the best shaft company out there! Period! As a professional golfer, traveling the world playing, you need your equipment to preform at the highest level and Fujikura has created the product that out preforms their competition. I was privileged enough to be invited into the Fujikura Headquarters in Vista CA to be fitted by the team of John Hovis, Kellen Tallada and Marshall Thompson. I was very excited and honored to be invited into hq, I was treated as a family member would be, it was an unbelievable day. I left with a ton of knowledge about my own game, the proper shafts for my game and the technologies of shaft designing, creating and fitting. Fujikura has truly taken shaft fitting and design to another level. We confirmed that the Fujikura Speeder Tour Spec 6.2X was the perfect driver shaft for me. PGA Tour players always talk about how the a 3 wood is the hardest club to find in your bag, I left with mine! We fit me into a Fujikura Speeder 7.0X, I can control the ball better, more consistently and absolutely let it rip! I can’t wait to have this club in my bag for a long time. Fujikura has a shaft for every golfer out there. I want to thank everyone involved with creating such an amazing product. If you don’t have a Fujikura shafts in your clubs, you’re not preforming to your optimal level.

Duncan Littlefield (Professional Golfer)


“The Fujikura Speeder Evolution 757 and 757 Tour Spec will be among the most sought-after shafts for stronger players in 2015. Consistent feel and higher ball speeds make this a solid upgrade from last year’s Speeder 757.”

“If the average golfer doesn’t take advantage of this, they are nuts!”

John and Dave Sanders - Father/Son Driver Fitting at Fujikura Fit-On Studio

"I have the most confidence I’ve ever had stepping up to the tee with a driver"

Steve Vermillion, fitted at Golf Etc.