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Fujikura FUEL Wins on Tour and New Prototype Buzz

(Vista, CA – July 1, 2013)—
A crowded leaderboard at the AT&T National made for an exciting Sunday. A Fujikura FUEL 85 X shaft was played in the winners Titleist 3 wood on his way to his 5th career victory!
On the Champions Tour, the winner of the Constellation Senior Players Championship switched back to his old shaft in his 3 wood – a Fujikura Motore F1 3.0 X shaft. This switch proved to be beneficial as he went on to trump his opponents by two. Furthermore, Fujikura shafts were the most played driver and wood shaft in the field over the weekend.

Fujikura Golf Marketing Manager, Stephanie Hartgraves responded to the company’s incredible tour success, “It is a very exciting time for Fujikura right now. Tour wins are always the ultimate validation that our golf shafts are trusted by the best golfers in the world. What is really exciting right now though, is the feedback we are getting on some new prototypes and technologies we have been working on at Fujikura! It’s a marketer’s dream when a new product generates buzz organically from simple word of mouth….we have a couple great stories that are being told out there right now!”

About the Winning Shaft
FUEL can be defined as material with stored energy that can later be used to generate power. Just like a high performance engine that burns high-octane fuel for more horsepower and torque, your shaft can perform the same way – using advanced technology as its fuel. With FUEL, you can see where your energy is coming from through our proprietary FUEL ROD TECHNOLOGY, created with a COMBUSTION CHAMBER and LOAD INJECTOR TIP. FUEL uniquely utilizes this technology to generate greater distance and accuracy on a more consistent basis. With this shaft, your power is on display for everyone to see.

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