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Re-Birth of a Legend

The Year was 1997 and some history making events were happening all around.

• The average cost of a gallon of gas was $1.22
• A movie ticket averaged $4.59
• Mike Tyson bites the ear off of Evander Holyfield
• Princess Diana dies in a car crash
• Microsoft becomes the world’s most valuable company
• OJ is declared guilty in civil court
• Average yearly income is $37,000.00
• Fujikura Launches the game changing Speeder757 shaft to a hungry golfing public.

Yes, in 1997 Fujikura brought to market the first $300.00 dollar MSRP graphite golf shaft. At the time of its introduction most graphite shafts were around $40.00 to get installed into your club. The commonality between all of those shafts was the material with which they were made. Standard modulus material was the go to material and every shaft manufacturer was either blind to the market for high performance or were simply trapped in an industry bubble when it came to the advancement of material technology.

The Speeder 757 uses a material known as Triax. Triax is a multi-directional fiber, as the name might suggest. The Triax material can deflect force in many more directionalities than standard modulus or unidirectional fiber. As an end result this material holds its shape better steadying the head through impact, and delivering the face back to center with unparalleled consistency.

The Speeder 757 quickly spread with legendary success on all professional tours. Racking up wins about as fast as Nascar drivers take left turns at Indy. Since its inception in 1997 the Speeder 757 has won over 50 PGA Tour events and to this day is still in play by some of the best players in the world.
From 1997 to today graphite shafts have come a long way with the unique materials involved in their manufacturing. The pinnacle of this advancement still remains the Speeder 757. This is the reason that in late 2013 Fujikura intends to launch the new Motore Speeder 757. Using the Triax material that changed the face of graphite shafts and a fresh approach to the material layup inside the shaft Fujikura is assured of similar success it had in 1997. Fujikura intends to launch 4 different weights and profiles to their product mix. The Historic rebirth of the Speeder 757, the Speeder 661, Speeder 569 and the Speeder 474 all will be launched in October.

The Speeder 757 is a lower launching lower spinning tour oriented type shaft and is typically sought after by lower handicap players. The 661 covers a mid-launch lower spinning player profile and can be used by lower handicappers as well as mid-level players looking to optimize their game. The 569 is a higher ball flight shaft and creates mid spin. Lastly the Speeder 474 is the lightest of the group and is a mid to high launch shaft with mid spin.
In a time when hype and marketing spin rule the day Fujikura shows us that nothing compares to material and technology advancement for finding more fairways and hitting longer shots.

Introducing the NEW Motore Speeder757 and other 3 profiles. Available 10/1
Speeder 757

Take a look at the official press release in HERE.

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