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Fujikura Golf Shafts Dominate in Driving Distances and Accuracy Percentages on the PGA Tour



Let’s be honest, the only two things any golfer is looking for from their driver is DISTANCE and ACCURACY. There is really only one sure way to guarantee these results and that is by being properly fit with the Fujikura shaft that is fit for your swing type. A new driver can help, but the pros know something that most people don’t……the shaft is the engine of the club, so the shaft will determine how the overall shaft performs and how the driver DRIVES.

Now consider the fact that Fujikura shafts are consistently the #1 golf shaft used by pros. PGAtour.com statistics are reporting that all top 3 players leading driving distance on Tour are using Fujikura golf shafts. Additionally, 3 out of the top 4 in driving accuracy percentage are also playing Fujikura golf shafts.

Other recent Tour and Fujikura Golf news:

Fujikura golf shafts won around the world last weekend, as Darrell Survey reported Fujikura #1 wood shaft on the Champions tour, LPGA Malaysia winner used a Fujikura Fuel 45 in her Cobra Amp Cell 7.5, and winner of the One Asia Tour used a Rombax 7V05 in his Nike Covert.

The Darrell Survey has also reported that Fujikura has moved into the #1 position for most played fairway golf wood shaft brand. Fujikura was also the #1 driver golf shaft brand at two of the biggest golf events of 2013, the Masters and the British Open (also reported by Darrell Survey).

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Visit the product page on our site for more info about the shaft profiles, specs, pics, vids and where to find one. http://www.fujikuragolf.com/woods/motorespeeder757/
PluggedInGolf.com has released one of the first reviews of the shaft. Read here for more info: http://pluggedingolf.com/fujikura-motore-speeder-757-review/

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