Fujikura Wins On PGA, LPGA, Champions And European Tour. Remarkable

Written by Stephanie Hartgraves on May 27, 2014

(May 27, 2014 – Golf Business News Wire)
VISTA, Calif. – It is no secret that 100% of golf pros are custom fit for equipment, but we see a wide variety of club companies that sponsor these golf sensations week after week. What is remarkable, is that Fujikura Golf is the only company that does not sponsor players to use their product, yet nearly every win on the professional golf circuit this past weekend was with a Fujikura Golf shaft.

On the PGA Tour at the Crown Plaza Invitational, the winner used a Fujikura Rombax P95 in his 15 degree Titleist 910 F. On the LPGA Tour at the Airbus Championship, the winner used Motore Speeder 6.2 tour spec in her RBZ 18.5 degree 5 wood, and Motore speeder 8.8 HB in her 21 degree hybrid. On the European Tour at the BMW Championship the winner used a Fujikura Rombax P95.

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