Best Fairway Wood Shafts

Fujikura fairway  wood shafts are #1 on the PGA Tour for many reasons

Every golfer in the world – from a green-jacket winner to the muni-course duffer – has a favorite brand of club. But true golfers know it’s more than just a prestigious club name inside your bag—it’s all about the shaft, especially when it comes to your wood and driver shafts.

But which is the best golf shaft?

Over the past 15 years, a certain premium golf shaft has been gaining traction and winning titles – thanks to high speeds and long distances. Simply put, there’s no bigger name in the custom golf shaft industry than Fujikura.

Starting with its iconic Speeder, which first appeared in 1995, Fujikura essentially revolutionized the golf game and secured one of the most influential roles in the composite golf shaft marketplace. Using unparalleled innovation and technology, which the company still utilizes to this day, Fujikura has become a must-have tool in more and more golf bags.

After its initial tour inside Japan, the Speeder first came to the United States in 1999 – and produced three titles right away. Since 2000, the number of PGA titles won with Fujkura golf shafts have been mind-boggling and in 2013 Fujikura was the #1 driver shaft used at both the Masters and the British Open.

Our Golf Wood Shafts Listed Below:

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