Golf Iron Shafts

Fujukura golf iron shafts add to players’ mettle with custom-built technology

Every golfer has a favorite type of club – and specifically, a favorite type of golf iron shaft. Whether it delivers pin-point accuracy or extra yardage, all golfers choose one – and fine-tune their style accordingly.

Of course, no one style of golf shaft can satisfy every golfer’s needs.

Fujikura understands this critical concept – perhaps better than any other golf company. Thanks to constant innovation and forward-thinking technology, the company’s iron shafts are unrivaled in the game today.

Fujikura uses its ENSO 3D motion capture system to produce a custom-made iron shaft for every player. The ENSO system takes into account a player’s various quirks, from kick speed and club loft to head velocity and face alignment. It then generates a perfectly built shaft using a fitting recommendation engine, which ultimately leads to the ideal club.

The technology is also shared with players so they know exactly what is going on with their swing – and how the club will be built to accentuate an individual style. And, even better, it can show weaknesses in a player’s swing and offer tips that – combined with the custom-built iron shaft – make the player’s game as good as it can possibly be.

While Fujikura’s iron shafts can be altered to better suit each player, they’re remarkably similar in one area:  rigidity. Fujikura’s consistent iron shaft design ensures higher rigidity throughout the shaft. This is done without adding weight to the club, which can often throw off the player’s swing.

Fujikura’s Proprietary Metal Composite irons (MCI) – which combine steel and graphite materials – produce clubs that ensure players the best possible weight distribution, hitting ability and shot length.  Fujikura has also increased its “vibration dampening” technology by more than double, which improves hitting ability and decreases the wear and tear to the player’s body over the course of 18 holes.

Metal Composite Irons come in eight varieties (and incorporate four different models). There are also three additional golf shaft spectrums available that measure in multiple dimensions – with the help of the company’s exclusive ENSO technology.

Dozens of PGA titles have been won using Fujikura golf shafts, but they can also deliver professional-quality games to recreational golfers and players of all skill levels.

There’s a reason the biggest clubs in golf trust Fujikura and its golf iron shafts.

If you’re looking to shave strokes off your game or elevate your play from “good” to “great” – and you’re in the market for the best iron shafts – there’s only one name you can truly trust: Fujikura.

Our Golf Hybrid Shafts Listed Below:

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