Golf Shafts

The transfer of energy within the club during a golf swing is different for every golfer. Height, weight, strength, hand eye coordination and a million other details all affect how a golfer’s swing will develop and the amount of energy they can generate towards the ball. With so many differences that exist within golf swings, it is a necessity to be able to accommodate those different swing types.

At Fujikura, we not only believe in fitting a shaft to match your golf swing, but we also believe it must be augmented. Regardless of a driver, fairway wood, or an iron, these shafts are made ensure you perform. Nearly 99.9 % of golfers properly fit with Fujikura experience a 10-15 yard gain in driving distance.

Browse through our robust catalog of drivers, hybrids and irons to become familiar with the Fujikura product line. Then use the Custom Driver Fitting tool to find your ideal shaft.