Fujikura President is Featured in Media as Leading Innovator

Written by Fujikura on January 27, 2014

We are honored to have our own Dave Schnider, President/COO here at Fujikura Golf, recognized as one of the great leaders in innovation and history making within the golf equipment industry!

Featured on the cover of Golf Week magazine (above), Dave and 6 of his peers are recognized as being “the Faces Behind the Hot Products” in the golf industry.

This was a great opportunity to ask Dave an important question that helps to explain why Fujikura is “more than just a golf shaft company”. I wanted to share my question and Dave’s response with you…

Q: What would you attribute Fujikura’s success to if you had to choose 3 things?

A: If I had to choose 3 things, I would say this:
1. Innovation – Fujikura prides itself on challenging our creativity, improving our products and processes, being adaptable to new ideas and thinking outside the box; and never stop learning and growing.
2. Performance – Fujikura’s mission is to produce the World’s Best Performance Golf Shafts and bring enjoyment to all golfers. From the tour player to the recreational golfer, Fujikura products and services enable golfers of all levels to play their best.
3. Leadership – We are a company of passionate golfers who love the game and we love to interact and learn from other passionate golfers. We have a relentless pursuit to craft the most desirable products and shape the future of golf.

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John and Dave Sanders - Father/Son Driver Fitting at Fujikura Fit-On Studio

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