Fujikura Golf Shafts Played In Drivers Of 4 Of Top 7 Positions At The Byron Nelson (Reported by Golf Business News Wire)

Written by Fujikura on May 20, 2014

(Vista, Ca. – May 19, 2014) – Fujikura Golf shafts were played in the drivers of 4 of the top PGA Tour players at last week’s Byron Nelson. The Fujikura Motore Speeder series, Fujikura Fuel and the Fujikura Pro are amongst the most premium of shaft offerings on the Tour this season.

“We pride our selves on providing that reliability to all levels of players through our proprietary product development and fitting processes.” Said Fujikura Marketing Manager, Stephanie Hartgraves. “In fact, here is an excerpt from a Thank You note we received from one of our customers recently. This is why we get out of bed to come do what we do everyday at Fujikura…to help golfers play their best golf and have more fun!”

– “Being a bit of an equipment junkie, I’ve been obsessed with finding the exact right gear for me in order for me to maximize on-course performance (and therefore fun!). I’d pretty much gotten my bag dialed in, but I always felt like my driver, fairway, and hybrid were not quite right for me – they just seemed slightly “loose” despite several sessions with my fitter. Being a born skeptic I did a LOT of research before I settled on Fujikura as the company that would my savior – imagine how thrilled I was to find out that a certified Fujikura fitter was only 30 miles away!

Every golf company in the world promises distance and accuracy with their products, but in this case it was no boast – it was just the plain facts. I instantly gained 15 yards in distance while dispersion shrank considerably – I just had to smile with each hit. Similarly, we got my 3-wood and hybrid dialed in, and by the time I left I was tired but completely thrilled and I couldn’t wait to hit the course, which is the true test!

I’m happy to report that on-course performance was everything I could have hoped for – the launch monitor statistics were entirely accurate. Longer, better flight path characteristics, more reliability and accuracy – my first round with these new shafts was easily my best driving round ever. My buddies even commented that they were skeptical at first, but by the turn they were believers. I can’t emphasize enough that every golfer serious about their game needs to go get fitted for Fujikura shafts – there’s a reason they are among the most popular shafts on tour, and even average joes will reap the benefits. What all of this boils down to is that all hyperbole aside, I’ll be a Fujikura customer for as long as I can swing a club – without Fujikura shafts I simply won’t have the same level of confidence I do with them.”

Anyone can get custom fit for a shaft based on what performance benefit they are looking for on Fujikura’s new website. The new virtual custom fitting tool is designed to recommend the best shaft for you based on whether you are looking to gain distance, accuracy or even optimize spin/launch for those extremely advanced players.

Visit FujikuraGolf.com and get custom fit in seconds!


“The Fujikura Speeder Evolution 757 and 757 Tour Spec will be among the most sought-after shafts for stronger players in 2015. Consistent feel and higher ball speeds make this a solid upgrade from last year’s Speeder 757.”


“If the average golfer doesn’t take advantage of this, they are nuts!”

John and Dave Sanders - Father/Son Driver Fitting at Fujikura Fit-On Studio

"I have the most confidence I’ve ever had stepping up to the tee with a driver"

Steve Vermillion, fitted at Golf Etc.