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At Hot-Stix, a Tour-Level fitting will make your clubs perform with your swing, not against it. Your equipment will be re-aligned to match the framework of your game and help you gain better accuracy in every shot. A simple club fitting can correct club imperfections while improving your accuracy. Throughout your club fitting, recommendations and alterations to your existing clubs or new equipment will refine your games targeting. You will feel a significant increase in consistency and feel a new confidence in your entire game, without even leaving the range.

Analysis of your club head speed, ball flight and launch angle will determine the exact club adjustments needed to increase your overall drive distance. Over 247 Tour-Professionals have been scientifically fit at Hot-Stix Golf, experience the same tour-level fitting and realize the difference.

The most beneficial experience in the evolution of club fitting is the development of the Hot-Stix Golf outdoor fitting centers. Outdoor evaluations show your natural swing characteristics and provide our certified fitters with an understanding of your on-course performance.

With no allegiance to any brand, you will have access to hundreds of various Tour-level built demo clubs, similar to the custom prescription recommended throughout your fitting. When you see and feel the immediate results, you will never doubt your equipment again.

Hot-Stix maintains the largest independent database of equipment & component research in the golf industry. Our research insures that your swing characteristics will be compared with thousands of club head & shaft combinations to give you the perfect fit.
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