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At Fujikura, we believe that playing golf at a high level starts with being precision fit. Typically, the average consumer buys a new set of clubs thinking that is good enough for them to succeed on the golf course, however this is just the beginning. Professional golfers understand this and that is why 100% of them are precision fit for their equipment. Your swing is unique, and because of that only aproper golf club fitting will allow you to truly get the most out of your equipment bringing your game to the next level. Fujikura specializes in the highest quality golf shafts that can be custom fitted to your swing type.

To help in this fitting process, Fujikura has developed several tools to assist you in refining your swing.


Mobile Fitting App

Mobile Fitting App

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Fitting App: available for iPhone and Android smart phone devices, this app allows you to understand the basic tenants of driver fitting and how it affects your swing.

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Fitting Tool

Online Fitting Tool

Online Fitting Tool: This online fitting tool makes key fitting information easy to understand, making you better informed when you visit a Charter Dealer to get precision fit.

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A Revolution in Swing Analysis and Club Fitting Technology–Fujikura’s Enso is the world’s first golf swing analysis and fitting system to comprehensively focus on club performance during the entire golf swing.

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Fit On Studio

Fit-On Studio

Custom fitting is essential to removing the guesswork in choosing a golf club that fits each swing type. Here at the Fit-On Studio, we offer a Tour quality technology based approach to every aspect of your fitting.

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Charter Dealers

The Fujikura Charter Dealer Network is composed of over 900 dealers across the globe. Click here to find a Charter Dealer nearest you.

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