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Why You Need Custom Fitted Golf Shafts

If you want to play better golf the best way to get that started is by getting custom fit.

It still surprises me how many golfers go to their local retailer and pick a club off of the rack and assume that the process of playing better golf stops at the register. This is only the beginning and one should never assume that the one size fits all mentality works here or anywhere else. If you are serious about getting better at this sport then you should always consider custom fitted golf shafts that will not only compliment your game but enhance it as well.

At Fujikura we believe that you have made a good start in wanting to get better by making your initial purchase. Now you need to go to your local club fitter and dial yourself in for a golf shaft that makes that hunk of metal work for you and not against you. In today’s shaft market there are golf shafts that can do just about anything you want them to do, before your mind starts to wander we are talking about ball flight and spin characteristics, not clean your house or get you free tee times.

In Fujikura’s line of golf shafts there are many different shafts that can control spin rates which is essential in maximizing distance. Let’s assume for this blog post you walked into your local retailer and pulled the latest driver off the shelf and made a purchase. You took that driver to the golf course on Sunday and found out that you had lost about 10 yards of distance. That is equal to about $32.50 per lost yard! If you didn’t get fit for a shaft then I can almost guarantee that your loss is directly related to an ill fitting shaft.

Now lets assume that after your purchase you took that beautiful new driver to The Fit on Studio at Fujikura for a detailed check of how well it was working for you and your game. As with all of our fittings we will test the driver shaft for it’s current specifications, true loft, length, CPM, swing weight, etc. Then barring any major defects with basic specs we will have you hit that driver and get some baseline readings such as swing speed, launch angle, spin rates, side spin, roll distance, max distance, etc. Let’s say that after hitting that driver you had 4500 rpm’s in back spin and your roll distance was 7 yards and your max distance was 238 yards. That is not good. After a short fitting with a shaft better suited for your game and swing type we put you back on the monitor and your numbers looked like this, back spin 2600, roll distance 28 yards and total distance of 266 yards. Quite a significant jump!

This scenario happens all the time at Fujikura and at Custom Club fitters all over the country. A basic driver fitting takes about an hour and usually runs $100.00. If you think about the disappointment and anger in the first scenario when you feel like you wasted $299.00 plus tax and lost 10 yards as opposed to the euphoric feeling of blasting drives to places you have only seen on your second shot before, it’s amazing that some people still are satisfied with not maximizing their current equipment.

If for nothing else but piece of mind, make it a point to find a local golf club fitter to get the best golf shaft custom fitted to your swing.  You might find that you have the perfect set up as is but you will more than likely realize you are leaving valuable yardage on the table.   If you come to us at Fujikura, we can nearly guarantee you will gain yards, as we have seen an increase in distance in more than 99% of all the fittings we have performed over the last 5 years!  Isn’t that why you got the new driver in the first place?

To learn more about how a custom fitted golf shaft can affect your game, please browse our site and check out the different wood, hybrid, and iron golf shafts we offer. Also you can read our latest press release about our golf shafts being used on Tour by clicking here.

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