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How to Fix a Slice

So far the only cure for a slice that I know of is a double Vodka on the rocks with a squeeze of lime.  If you add a mixer such as cranberry, grapefruit or another sugary beverage you are surely bound to slice even further out of bounds.  If you want to add some club soda or tonic to your drink the slice will remain the same at best and letting the ice melt to take the edge off is definitely a no no.

Vodka on the RocksLet’s be honest, the reason there are thousands of search results for curing a slice on the internet is because 90% of all golfers do it.  The cure is there to be had, it comes down to putting in the time to cure it.  The other day I searched how do I get stronger on the internet, and the answers are there, but I will be damned if I am going to go to the gym 5 days a week and lift weights, those things are heavy.  I don’t wander around wondering why I’m not getting stronger without putting in the time at the gym.   The average golfer does just that when it comes to their slice.

The most common mistake when it comes to slicing is an over the top or casting motion on the downswing.  This can be cured with practice.  I know this because I did it.  I used to slice just like most of the golfers reading this post.  I went to my local PGA Pro got some tips on why it was happening and how I could fix it and then I went to the range and worked diligently on fixing it.  Today I am proud to say that my liver is much better off and so is my golf game.  We won’t get into the fact that I now have an occasionally severe right to left ball flight, but that is fixable to as soon as I get my kids off to college.

Sitting at the 19th hole bemoaning the golf Gods, cursing the ill-timed cough your playing partner made on the 6th hole, getting short with your cocktail server, or blaming the greens keeper for not cutting that branch back on 12 will not do you any good or get you any closer to curing that slice you call a power-fade.  You know what needs to be done, are you willing to do it?  I would recommend doing what I did and go see your local PGA instructor but as I mentioned before if you search the internet there is more information on how to cure a slice than how to cure bacon.  Whatever way you choose to handle your “little problem” is up to you but don’t expect results by reading a website go to the range and practice what you have read.

If all else fails, double Vodka on the rocks with a lime never fails.

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