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Q: Hi Chad,
We bought a Ladies Cobra Amp 3 wood with a 47 gram ladies flex, high-torque, low-kick Fujikura Fuel shaft for our daughter. Ideally, we need to take just 1 inch off the butt of the club to shorten it. How will this affect the shaft and would you recommend it?

A: Heather,
Taking one inch off of the butt side of the club will increase the stiffness by about a quarter flex.  I don’t think this will make a huge difference but it really depends on how she is currently loading and  unloading the shaft as it is.  If she is having no problems getting through the shot then I don¹t think a quarter of a flex will be that much more stiffness for her to handle.
Thanks for the email and best of luck.


Q: I have a raw 65g R Fujikura graphite iron shaft. I want to make this shaft slightly firmer for my R11 irons. I understand that I have to tip trim each raw shaft—for example, 3.5” for an 8 iron, and then butt trim for length of 36.5” – correct? I want this iron to be slightly firmer – so how much more do I tip trim this raw shaft? I understand that my “slightly firmer” is vague, but what would I need to trim to make it stiff? I can then adjust down from there, I assume.
Thank you,

A: Duane,
Thanks for the email we appreciate you taking the time to write us.
To get it in-between flexes you would tip an additional half inch on top of what is already recommended.  If you are trying to get the shaft to play a complete flex stiffer, this may sound obvious, you might want to just purchase the stiff flex instead.  If you are going to tip trim the shafts one inch on top of the recommended tip trimming you may run out of parallel tip section and run into some breakage problems with the higher lofted irons.


Q: Based on measurements I would be best fitted with a shaft between 43.5 & 44′. I currently use a stock Fuel X60 in an old burner Superfast 2.0. I recently upgraded to and SLDR with stock stiff shaft. Lost a ton of distance. Looking to get another Fuel shaft and have it trimmed. Can you recommend the best way to trim 2-2.5′ from the Fuel? How will this change the shaft performance? Looking at a stiff flex not X for the SLDR my swing has slowed to the low 100’s. Any advice would be great. I plan to purchase this week.
Thank you,

A: James,
I would suggest trimming the shaft from the butt side.  The Fuel shafts as well as all of our other shafts are designed to be played in fairway woods as well as drivers so other than stiffening the shaft a touch there will be no ill effects.  For every half inch off of the butt side you trim you will gain roughly 1-2 CPM’s in stiffness.
Thanks for the email and best of luck with your game and new driver shaft.


Q: I just got a cobra amp cell driver with a Fujikura fuel 60 gram shaft. My swing speed is around 90, I’ve played about 3 rounds with this shaft and am hitting the ball relatively straight but the shaft feels a little stiff to me. I seem to be getting decent distance but I believe I have to swing harder to get it. Is this the right shaft for me?

A: Jim,
Thanks for the email.
At 90 MPH I would recommend getting the S flex if that is what you have.  I am assuming this is the stock shaft that comes with the Cobra Amp Cell?  If that is the case these shafts are a little softer than our aftermarket versions.  If it is the aftermarket Fuel shaft I would recommend the R flex as they do run a little stiffer.